What NOT to Do When Looking for New Janitorial Services

We at Complete Scrub Maintenance recommend that you avoid the following mistakes when searching for new janitorial services:

DON’T hide the details of your current contract.

We’ve seen this happen quite a bit: rather than telling us what they’re currently paying for janitorial services, the owners of a building will insist on hearing our “best offer.” Obviously what they’re trying to do is compare various offers so that they can pick the best one—which isn’t exactly bad practice—but they’re ultimately hurting themselves. Complete Scrub Maintenance can guarantee reduced costs on new contracts by up to 25 percent. If we can’t see what a prospect is currently paying, however, then we can’t exactly guarantee a reduced price—it simply becomes guesswork.

DON’T hire a janitor as your own employee.

You’re outsourcing here—you’re not looking to hire a new employee whom you must train, coach and supervise. Hiring an independent team of maintenance workers is the best route for efficiency: you both sign the contract, you periodically review expectations with Complete Scrub, and the rest is handled for you. Janitors should know you have a business to run, and their business is making sure you can stay focused on your business.

DON’T sign on a crew with high staff turnover.

There are many factors which separate good janitor crews from mediocre ones, but the most significant is turnover rate. Janitors do their jobs well if they are treated well by their companies. Always inquire about turnover rates when negotiating with a maintenance company—if they don’t have a respectable amount of veteran employees, then you’re better off looking elsewhere.

Thinking about changing your provider for janitorial services? Complete Scrub Maintenance provides a comprehensive cleaning service at affordable rates. Check out our website to see if we can make your life easier.