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Welcome to Complete Scrub’s Blog. In an effort to be socially visible and add value to what we do, this blog was created. As we all know, being competitive and standing out in a crowd of thousands of small business owners is a challenge. This is a challenge we are willing to take on. We will be adding meaningful content that will be useful and no doubt of interest to all in the janitorial field as well as those looking for the “right contractor”.

Its true. The “janitorial business world” is a beast with many faces. Why you ask? Well, every business is aiming for the same goal. SURVIVAL. In order to “survive” many competitors have forgotten about the basics and where they came from and thus become that “face” clients say, “WOW!! what happened to this contractor? They are horrible now!” It could be because the contractor stops caring, grows too fast or doesn’t have ongoing training with their employees.

When I talk with my employees and have that “fireside chat” with them I ask….” How many of us were asked in grade school ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ & how many of us said, ‘I WANT TO BE A JANITOR!’….obviously not!! We all said, “I want to be a doctor, lawyer, fireman etc….but because of different circumstances we are here. Regardless of the reason(s) we are working here not only to make money and a living but also to contribute to a clean and safe environment”.

Remembering where and when we started our business, sticking to the basics and trying to “stick out” as a valuable resource that is reliable is the key to a successful business. This will no doubt make us stand alone amongst thousands of providers who along with us are fighting to survive.

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